DEPEXA was founded specifically to you – for those who are looking for professional waxing services, and often disappointed when the service is performed unskilled. We have a team that is interested and specialized in the field of hair removal. In our salon we use only high-quality Reference and Perron Rigot waxes and implements. We try to offer the best attendance and most professional service by ensuring client privacy. Our goal is to make everybody dropped in at our office feel welcome in our clean and comfortable environment. Our salon is for both men and women.

DEPEXA was founded specially for those who are looking for professional waxing service and gets disappointed when service is performed in unsatisfactory way. We gathered a team that is interested and specializes in the field of a hair removal. In our salon we are using just supreme French brand products. We are doing our best to provide you with professional service and ensure your privacy while at service. We provide our services for both – man and woman.

Why choose us?

And why go to buy food in the grocery store? Wine – a wine store? Coffee – cafe? Here’s your answer. It’s better to do waxing in the salon, where this service is primary, and beauticians specializing in making hundreds of waxing procedures. In addition to all of that – we guarantee the most professional service at the lowest price! It would be strange to choose somebody else. If you have any arguments – we will listen to it and try to fulfill your constructive comments and ideas. Help us meet your needs! It’s not difficult to find our salon. It is on the main street of Vilnius city – Gedimino street.

If you refer to avoid the flow of people, our position is best for you, because we are located in the second floor of shopping center “Centro pasažas“ and it is almost entirely dedicated to the service sector. You can reach us easily by car or by public transport.

We provide hygienic and professional service.

We are constantly analyzing customers’ needs, so we guarantee an excellent price-quality ratio. We want to make you stay satisfied not only with services, but also with cozy atmosphere. Our salon shine with cleanliness and hygiene, perhaps reminds a medical institution for a little, but we will try to eliminate that kind of image with a cozy environment.

By studying the frequency of customer visits, we try to plan so you may have an appointment as soon as possible. We know that only you – our customers – are the reason for our success, so we appreciate you for that.