What kind of wax is used for bikini area?
We are using new generation French elastic Reference wax for sensitive areas such as bikini.

Is waxing painful?
Bikini waxing is painful procedure; less painful is back or leg waxing. First time is most uncomfortable and most painful. Pain and discomfort will ease every next time. Any energetic product before the treatment will increase pain.

How often should I do waxing?
Hair will grow back in a few weeks. So basically procedure you need to repeat every 4-8 weeks. It depends on how hairy you are, on quality of waxing and your desired result. If you are just beginner for waxing you should have it done every 4-5 weeks for the first three times. 

What should be the hair length?
At least 5-7 mm or three weeks of growth. If hair is too short we might not be able to pull it with wax. If hair is too long it might break. Don‘t trim your hair before waxing – we will do it for you if we decide that your hair is too long for the procedure. Let us take that decision for you.

Is waxing suitable for all?
It is suitable for most of the people, but some people should not take waxing risk. For people with problems like acne, diabetes, varicose and other skin conditions waxing is not recommended. You also should advise us about your allergic reactions.

What should i do about ingrown hair?
Such problem has a lot of people even if they shave their hair. Most popular and effective procedure is scrubbing. Scrub your skin twice a week. If you do not get desired result then depending on your problem you would need to use specific product and/or cream to smooth, hydrate and soften your skin.

Is there is aftercare?
You should remember that three days are sensitive and sore. Just after three days you should start scrubbing. Those three days you should avoid fake or real sun tanning, should not use bath or swim in the pool, not use saunas. Full aftercare advice please download here. 

I want to have boyzilian done, but afraid to have erection!
Are you kidding me?! I am also afraid! So we are both on the same boat. If serious, erecting is not that rare and not always manageable in full. But that is short reaction, as waxing is not pain free procedure. So all your feelings will fade away in no time. I am just going to ignore you, and you just have to deal with yourself on your own.

Do we provide with intimate service?
Self-respect is what we expect from you. Find yourself a partner you deserve and do not confront us with such questions.