Does bikini depilation hurt?
Sure it does. It is difficult to say how much but bikini is hurtful zone. Most painful part of bikini is upper lips, so if you decide to have nice hair line on your bikini, it would free you form suffering at least at that part.

What products we are using?
We are using new generation elastic and strip French waxes from Refernce and Perron Rigot.

What other services we are offering?
We specialize. That means that we only provide hair removal services. Waxpert specialize in certain areas also – some waxing female, some does male waxing, and some does also sugaring. Every waxpert chooses his area of interest.

Do we have an aftercare advice?
Basic rules are these: start scrubbing after 3 days at least twice a week and moisturize. If you have special requirements your waxpert will advise depending on your needs. You can download full after care advice list. 

Can procedure be pain free?
Not entirely, but yes, it is possible. Unfortunately in Lithuania such products are not licensed.

Do we do sugaring?
We specialize in waxing. But because there is demand on sugaring we do offer such services for female only.