Innovations in Lithuania spreads hardly, but even in our country male waxing is rapidly gaining popularity. 


Our salon employs only one master, who is AXIOM certified (men‘s waxing)

In Lithuania there are no place where this type of masters would be prepared. We are not saying, that the other working masters doesn‘t know how to do male waxing, but only we are certified for that.

Our salon is very convenient for men, because it is designed only for waxing procedures, there is no need to pass through the hairdressers and women queue. All master has its own cabins and services are recorded in a computer system, there is no need to declare out loud what the service will be performed.

Your service history can be traced by your name, so it‘s not necessary to identify the procedures loud if you want the same services. We are still living in conservative environment so can not always express our wishes loud. In this case you just only have to remember the name you are registred in our salon (no document required).

We want to assure all of our customers that whenever information is used, it is done with discretion. We exprect the same respect for us.

Mostly men are waxing bikini zone and underarms. Also back and chest waxing are popular procedures. Foot and hand waxing are seasonal, but also not uncommon.

Is it painful, morally degrading procedure?

Definitely not. Most of our clients admits that that there was a lot easier than expected, and the pain is not so terrible. Often men are constrained during the bikini waxing, but but this is only for the first time – later, when the procedure is repeated, customers feel more relaxed.

It would be good, if you have a friend who had waxing procedure in our salon – he’ll tell you that there is nothing to fear. Although we know that men, unlike women, do not tend to discuss about the procedures. But we hope that this is just a matter of time.

Lack of information, you have additional questions? Try to read our F.A.Q. page, and if there‘s no answer for your question, just give us a call or write an e-mail.