We specialize in unwanted body hair removal by waxing.

We mainly use stripe or non-stripe wax for procedures, also use sugar paste for those clients which are accustomed into different treatment. Waxing for men and women, we are professionals in waxing field.

Each of procedure we provide you will find in Price List, see Short description by clicking on the desired procedure price.

Answers to your questions are on FAQs page, and if you don’t find what you are looking for – please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will consult you gladly.

For Women


Well, we are women, we are always more concerned about our appearance than men. Though males compete for females in wild – we women are competing with each other for male attention.

Our salon is for both sexes, but more focused on women. We do hair removal for women in different ways:

Stripe Wax: When the hair are pulled by applying wax on the skin, and then by the strip pulled out together with the hair;

Non Stripe Wax: hot wax, about 38 degrees Celsius, is applyed on skin, cooled and stiffed wax is snapped-off along with hair;

Hair removal using sugar paste: this is a viscous mass, which is applied to the skin and peel-off together with the hair. The difference is that by that way hairs are pulled in grown direction.

We will wax anywhere on you your body. If you didn‘t find a price in the pricelist, just let us know about your needs while you are checking. We don‘t wax head hear.