#1 Environment

Waxing is performed in a private closed area.

#2 Preparation

We will ask you to remove clothing for those body parts where depiliation will be performed. You will be asked to lye down on the desinfected couch which is covered by disposable paper sheet. 

#3 Hair and skin preparation for waxing 

To perform waxing it is enough to have 5-7 mm of a heir length ( about three weeks of growth). It is a possibility that waxpert will remove excess of hair it will be too long. That will be for the waxpert to decide, as course hair might need to be longer where weak hair can be shorter at their length If the hair is too short it might be a possibility that the hair root will be too strong and hair itself is not long enough to hold the straight of pulling. If waxpert will decide that hair is too short she might take a decision to postpone your procedure for later in a week or even two. We do not want just any service – we want best result for you..

#4 Waxing and products we use

Waxpert will dip disposable wooden stick in to the container and will spread was over the skin which is to be waxed. For some body parts such legs, mans back and similar we use cartridges for different kind of wax to be spread over the body. So depending on the type of wax used it will be removed with or without strip. Most of the time waxing is done pulling strip against the hair grow. 

Waxing done using elastic was is less painful as wax is not sticking to the skin, that’s why is mostly used for bikini and armpit waxing. If waxing is too painful for you – ask your waxpert to use smaller strips of wax at single time. Procedure might take a bit longer. You have to remember that less that lite is impossible, so there is a limit in how small strips can be.

#5 If Brazilian bikini is done

If you are doing Brazilian, don’t get offensive when waxpert will ask you to turn around and will wax you from behind. She has done that before so it is just you who gets embarrassed, for her is just part of the procedure.

#6 End of the procedure

At the end of the procedure waxpert will double check her job and will take some left hair with tweezers. 

The End

At the end of all procedure some mosturising cream and/ or refreshing gel will be spread over the depilated area. 

This procedure has to be repeated every 4-6 weeks. First time is most uncomfortable and most painful. Later procedures will be less painfull.